Samsung Galaxy S6 Expected Specs and Price

The Next Galaxy hype is in the air all over the world, people are anxiously waiting for Samsung Galaxy S6 launch event – planned on 1st of March, 2015. Samsung Galaxy admirers are having restless time these days because the planned S6 launch event is just around the corner.

On the other hand, the rumours and speculations is also poring fuel in the fire by revealing leaked features and design images of a new galaxy. The general conjecture is prevailing that some information may well be leaked by the Samsung internal sources or marketing teams themselves for amplifying the hype.

Definite Features

Metal Body, there will be two versions of the phone, one would encompass plastic back cover with removable battery option, and others will be of unibody design adorned with a metallic finish. Some sources are also claiming that “The new Galaxy is expected to be durable”.

Another innovative feature of the next galaxy will be having a curved display like the recent Galaxy Note Edge. On the other hand, some official Samsung sources are claiming that display is believed to reach onto 3 sides of Galaxy S6, means that will be having a curved display on both left and right bezels.

One more confirmed feature would be the unique and needed front-facing speakers, decked on the front-side of the new galaxy model – to provide better crisp sound straightaway.

Expected Features

  • Superior Screen Display (5.2 to 5.3 inches, with 3750 x 2160 UHD display)
  • Exynos Seven Octa-Core Processor (new Snapdragon 810 chip processor)
  • Memory and Camera Specs (32, 64 GB and 128 GB & 20MP rear and 5MP for the front camera)
  • Fingerprint Scanner and Revamped System Features (Android Lollipop 5.0 & TouchID Support)
  • Improved Battery and Possible Iris Scanning Technology.

Expected Prices

As Samsung feels iPhone as its biggest rival and the stats of market share also tell us that Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus release has helped Apple to tighten the sucrose – considering the sales all over the World it experienced. Now, as Samsung is about to unveil it’s highly anticipated “The Next Galaxy S6” – price determination would be the toughest decision to make apart from other facets.

Prices for Different Versions [Expected]

  • 32GB Non-Curved = USD 849/ Curved = USD 963

  • 64GB Non-Curved USD 963/Curved USD 1,076

  • 128GB Non-Curved USD 1,076/Curved USD 1,189


The prices and above-mentioned features may vary from the actual one, as most of the information is based on rumours and speculations – gathered from various online sources. Therefore, we all have to wait just for few days top checkout the genuine specs and price of the next galaxy having a tag line of “Six Appeal”.